Book Reviews


"I am not an expert in this field of study but have enjoyed reading the manuscript. As one who focuses on epistemology, I am struck by the way the author seeks for an understanding of the reading of the scriptures.

He throws a spin that is commonly not found, in my view, in biblical studies by interrogating the interpretations and the meaning of critical words in the bible. In this age we live in, the search for new knowledge is a fundamental and the author takes this aspect to the understanding of the scriptures. What is clear in the book is that human beings have a way of giving meaning and this then also tends to lead to the vulgarization of the original meaning. When I read the manuscript, I was struck by the similarities in mere interpretation in my own field of study. One analyst in my field does exactly what Dr. Jullienne has done in his book by demonstrating that Adam Smith was vulgarized by economists who came after him, including Marshall, and thus the confusion in understanding the global economy. Dr. Jullienne's work offers the opportunity to better understand the work of individuals who study and interpret the bible. Let those who preach also read this controversial research work produced by the author."

- Prof. Sibusiso Vil-Nkomo - J. William, Fulbright Distinguished Scholar 2011-2012